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Who would have thought that barely a year on I would be even writing this!

I’ve always wanted to be in control and do events not for the sake of doing them, ideally I just wanted to do awesome shows and productions which would leave an ever-lasting imprint. The struggle to get the right space is what prompted me to retire the brand in the first place and leave it on a high. I have although secretly amongst my personal circles said that I would, IF the right opportunity came and made sense, consider one more time.

That time has come.

The last couple of years for me has been crazy, covers of magazines, award nominations, travelling to many countries and meeting so many new people but the one thing that remained was that one question “When is Til Two” 

As frustrating as it was and not wanting to be asked, I still very much value how people think about it and what it means to them. It is a special thing so to have the chance to create one more special moment in such a amazing space.. I couldn’t say no to.

21st July, Here at Outernet… I’ll see you there.

Sef Kombo

Managing Director