Raised in London & now based in Berlin, Nat Wendell plays records with the same unbridled passion and energy that he did back in ’98. Since then, his connection with gritty, bass heavy sounds has been visceral, that demands you dance, and means the clubs he plays are always filled with energy and wholly locked into his groove. His up-tempo sounds draw on real emotions and feelings that always keep heads as busy as heels. From the deeper end of House the spectrum to more physical Techno offerings, he reaches for music that mirrors his own emotions and that never fails to hit the mark.

Nat has played all over the capital, London from 93 Feet East to Plan B, Crucifix Lane to Vibe Bar including Wire in Leeds, as well as further afield around Europe – more recently in Brno, Czech Republic & new hometown, Berlin. He translates these experiences of seeing how and why music moves people—as well as the lessons picked up on his worldly travels, to inform the music he makes. It is hardware-based machines that allow real and raw, hands on approach where Nat teases out subtle new sounds, refreshing textures and compelling grooves.

To date his music been released on essential labels like Courtesy of BalanceDepth of My Soul & King Street Sounds, with much more on the way. Informed by his carefully curated Jazz and Soul collection, profound love for genres; Jungle, House, Garage & Broken Beat – Nat Wendell aims to lower inhibitions, connect people through music and simply express the true love he has for this culture.