1. 01 Teaser Live @ Til Two 30th July 2015 [artist_link title="Teaser" link="https://www.twitter.com/teaserdj" target="_self"]
  2. 02 Teaser Live @ Til Two 26th August 2010 [artist_link title="Teaser" link="https://www.twitter.com/teaserdj" target="_self"]
London based DJ and Producer Teaser, is a seasoned maestro of the turntables and has been a consistent contributor to the UK House scene over the years, known for incorporating Soulful House and vocal elements to his sets.
Prior to his love for House, Teaser was much invested in UK garage music between 98 to the early 2000s and that is where his DJ journey started. Growing up, his mother’s influence with RnB and Soul played a heavy part in his taste for music.
His father was also a DJ and taught him the craft at a very young age and throughout his musical journey has always demonstrated a love for the Soulful side of electronic music. Incorporating diverse melodies and infusing crowd pleasing vocals with solid beats in his sets to make you move.
Teaser has graced renowned venues across the UK, taking his signature sound to eclectic audiences. As well as his sought after SoundCloud mixes, the airwaves have been his canvas. He presented a prestigious radio residency on Rinse FM for years, captivating listeners with new music and gaining broadcasting skills. A true architect of sound, Teaser has not only taken to the decks but has also etched his mark as a producer, delivering remixes that resonate with the soul. His mixes have garnered widespread acclaim, earning him a feature on Resident Advisor for one of his groundbreaking mixes, ‘Coming To South Africa’. The mix which can also be found on YouTube, was inspired from his visit to South Africa in which he went to explore the historic country and immerse himself in the House Music culture of South Africa firsthand.
His creativity extends beyond the studio and SoundCloud, as he curates and hosts the acclaimed Release Day Party, which is one of London’s favourite Afro House Day Parties. As Teaser continues to evolve and shape the soundscape, his legacy stands as a testament to two decades of unwavering dedication to the art of music.