For me personally, it all started with Acid House, then it progressed onto Hardcore and then moved onto Jungle. Although I started to try to mix at this time, I lost interest somewhat until 1997 when I played a part in the management team for Risk Fm 108.0. By this time I was playing House and Garage which went on for a few years playing at raves in venues such as Dungeons/Powerhouse/Wheelers as well as many more pubs and clubs in the local area.

By 2002, Risk FM was off the air waves and things went quiet for a while. By 2004 a new breed of music was hitting the streets: Soulful and Funky House. I was hearing dj’s such as Wigman, Statix and Gavin Peters, spinning wicked tunes! This is when I thought about getting back into the music.

By 2006 the scene was becoming dark, so I started going to clubs such as Egg, 1001 (Brick Lane), Platinum Bar and Secretsundaze etc, where real, quality music was being played to a more diverse type of crowd. REAL HOUSE MUSIC LOVERS! Then I was there. I found my calling, and realised that my true love was Minimal & Tech House. By 2007 I began collecting these records. I asked a promoter for a spot at a club called Herbal. I played upstairs while the main dj’s were playing on the floor below. One day, one of the dj’s forgot his laptop and I was asked to stand in for him. I played a mix of classic, uplifting electro and minimal tech house. Clubbers said the set was “amazing” and this claimed my place as a resident dj at Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop at Herbal.

After a while I was approached by the promoters of one of London’s biggest Underground venues, Studio 10. The sets were three hours long which gave me the chance to really show my worth…This is when my name, DJ B3, became associated with the slogan, “It Ain’t no Myth”!! Spinning tunes was my passion and making the crowd dance was my aim, and boy, did they dance!

From there on, things really started looking up. I received calls to play all over London at well known house clubs such as The Lightbox, Raduno’s, 54, East Village EGG Aquarium Plaitinum bar Plus many more.

Soon my name was on every body’s lips. During the first 6 months I was playing alongside some of London’s top dj’s. By 2008 I was well established on the House scene. I was promoting my own parties and playing in various clubs. “A Little Bit More” at Club Lick was the after party spot in 2008. In May of 2008 I also got a call to play in Ayia Napa. I played there through July to August but realised it wasn’t really my thing. Ayia Napa hasn’t really caught on to the sound i had to offer 2009 20010 was not a very good year for me. Could say i took a well deserved break! 2011 Now you can catch me, DJ B3 (It ain’t no Myth), at some of London’s top clubs; Aquarium/ Radunos /Lightbox/ Factory and many more………

Look out for future productions from me, coming real soon!

Latest CD

C D T (Craft Design Technology) (Released 25/10/12)

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