Pascal Morais

After years of hard work, Pascal Morais is now an established name in the underground Afro Deep House scene, worldwide that is. Cocky but confidant, Pascal always chose his own path in the music business. Where others chose the path to money and fame, Pascal always stayed true to his believes and the music he loves. No compromises in his dictionary when it comes to music. These believes and hard work did not remain unseen by others in the scene so he gained respect and support by well known artist like Atjazz, Osunlade, Boddhi Satva, Rancido, Mr V, Djeff Afrozila and many more.

Besides getting support from big names, he also is privileged to work with very talented artists from mainly but certainly not limited from South African soil. With a music video on South African National Television and with future release on Atjazz Records Company his future looks very bright.

In 2011 he launched his own new record label ‘Arrecha Records” where he’s releasing all his own new music, as well as introducing new talents mainly from South Africa and continue preaching the sound of African House Music throughout the world. The future bring about new light to Pascal Morais’ journey focusing on the development and evolution of Afro House music’s struggle to be acknowledged as the sound of tomorrow.

His main mission now is bringing the underground Afro sound to a wider audience as he believes it has potential to be growing and be a steady scene through out Europe as it is in South Africa. Besides flooding Dutch radio stations with Afro House music, creating mix tapes he started his own event called HOJA. The event is provided with DJs that solely play Afro House music and has a growing following every month and is even expending internationally. London, Paris and even New York are on the list to be blessed with Afro House Music.

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