It all started back in 1994 writing lyrics and mcing over Jungle (now referred to as Drum and Bass) in a Ragga/Dancehall style. He first got his break on a station called Weekend Rush 92.3 over Dj Prisoner’s show, then it was onto Rude fm 104.3. In late 1994 he went onto a station called Pressure fm 100.4 and at that time Jungle was being fusioned with samples from the likes of Reggae artists such as Super Cat,Reggie Stepper,Cutty Ranks,Capleton,Mad Cobra plus many more.Spidey General at that time loved the fast beats and instrumentals where he would mc in a Ragga/Dancehall style. From there things would evolve.When Pressure closed in 1996 Spidey was introduced by a good friend to U.K House & Garage. Garage at that time started to take over from Jungle Drum and Bass. With a similar tempo to House he decided to take piece of the cake .

Later on that year he would touch down on a station called Radioactive/Chicago fm 90.6 and hold a Sunday spot with Dj Nicklebee and also Dj Decos on a Tuesday gracing the mic with his lyrical Ragga/Dancehall influenced flows. In 1998 he left Chicago and went onto a station called Upfront fm 99.3 which by far helped his career develop even further. He stayed on there and did shows with Dj Dexter and Simeon Marcel until they closed in 2001. For the period 1998-2001 Garage music would become the biggest sound in the UK along with Upfront one of the biggest stations in London (South London’s number one) pushing the Garage sound. Upfront did many events which they always booked him for, and pushed him onto massive club nights such as Upfront Affair, Summer, Trinity, La cosa Nostra, License to Rave, Vocal Explosion, Twice as Nice, Sun City and Zoo promotions (Bliss & Lords of the Underground) just to name a few. This is the station that really boosted his name and when they closed in 2001 he directed himself onto Flashback Fm 97.6 who later moved frequency to 99.3 calling themselves, they were also pushing the U.K House & Garage sound. Spidey did regular shows with Dj Redeye aka Carlos Redeye Florez and Dj EJB.

Also being inspired by the U.S Garage scene (garage city @ bar rumba,big up Bobby and Steve,Rude Boy Rupert,Zoo), he started listening to U.S Garage/House which he also had a passion for and by 2003 he was hitting the clubs raving to House. In 2004 he started doing a show on Sub-Jam fm 104.7 with Dj Nicklebee whom he worked with on Chicago and Upfront. (Nicklebee would now be playing House beats from 1996-2004). Spidey G also touched down on Rinse fm 100.3 now known as with Dj Scientist and also Raw-Flex fm 103.6 with Cutty & Super C hosting over Old Skool and a touch of House. In 2005 he linked up with an old friend Dj Pioneer and they decided to do a few shows on radio. At this time Pioneer was on Touch fm 94.0 (big up Doublez) and Spidey G would occasionally pass through on the Old Skool Garage/Soulful/Funky House shows creating a fantastic vibe. Pioneer and Spidey G would do Old Skool,House and Broken Beat/Nu-Jazz cds.In 2006 Pioneer redirected to Dejavu Fm 92.4 ( holding a show with Spidey G every Sunday.In 2008 Pioneer went onto Kiss Fm 100 where he currently has a show.

Spidey G has been to a few countries such as Sweden, France and Greece spreading that U.K hosting vibe. Being from a Caribbean background he also cannot forget his love for Soca and Dancehall Reggae/Bashment which is still one of his favourite styles of music, but for now he continues to work with some of the best Djs in the UK over the U.K. Funky & House music. Also big up some of the stations that he has guested on in the U.K and London such as Choice fm 107.1, BBC Radio 1 Xtra, Kix fm Coventry 96.2 & Passion fm 91.8. Also stations that are no longer around like Scandal 104.2, Flava 87.6, Mac 92.7, Smooth 104.0, Raw-Essex 88.2, Divine 88.6, Underground 89.4, Raw-Mission 90.0, Ice 88.4, Mission 90.6, Flex 103.6, Time 104.6 & Garage Fm Cardiff 106.5. Spidey G is a true lover of music.

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