After a lot of careful thought over the last few days, Til Two Parties MD Sef Kombo has decided to end the working relationship between the brand, Sway Bar and Novus Leisure.

This comes after a meeting on Friday where it was felt that even after two successful years at the venue during the midweek, going forward this season the relationship would not work. We was told that the Area Managers were “worried” about the night and to what reason we are really unsure about, given we have had 13 good events what would there be to worry about?

Also our July date (4th Year Anniversary) was in the balance because the date had been given away to another promoter and getting another date was also in the balance pending on how the 26th June event would go. We would understand that line of conversation if Til Two was new to the venue like it was in 2011 it was but after two years we do not expect to hear such things.

There are a few other things we felt uncomfortable with going forward which we will not bring to light publicly but going forward we believe that there would be no point of opening a season with a company who didn’t even after two successful years, truly believe in what we were trying to achieve.

We realise the timing is poor and you as well as us were really looking forward to a another great opening night and to a run of great parties again in 2013. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to your plans tonight.

We would like to thank Tania and Zoltan at Sway who in April ’11 listened to us and gave us a chance at Sway initially and have worked and supported us in the two years. It’s disappointing that others didn’t share the same confidence in us as they did even now.

We would also like to thank everyone who attended our nights at Sway and the amazing amount of you who consistently made an effort on a Wednesday night to come out. We are truly thankful.

We hope in the future to find a nice new home for our nights and once again raise our hands in unison to the DJs and music we all respect and enjoy.

Til Two – The Home of Midweek House

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